works by Layla AbdelRahim

You are welcome to read these works and feel free to quote from the texts, provided that you give full reference and a link to this site. You are NOT to change anything in the texts. For distribution via print or internet, staging, filming or any other projects, please contact the author, Layla AbdelRahim, at: swoury@yahoo.com
For additional inquiries or to order the texts in book format, please, contact the e-mail address above.


-- On Objects, Love, and Objectifications
-- Modernism and Education: Revised Perspectives on Meaning, Value and Practice
-- In Defence of Charles Perrault: Beyond the Feminist Perspective of Jack (David) Zipes &  his Associates
-- Order and the literary rendering of chaos: children's literature as knowledge, culture and social foundation
-- Reflections on Red Delicious: methods and forms in thinking human and literary experience
-- A Venture Beyond the Script


-- The Inner-shit-issue (short story)
-- Ladies and Gentlemen: We’ve Got Him! (drama)
-- Red Delicious (drama)
-- Kaleidoscope (creative non-fiction)


-- CV_2006.doc

-- Coming Soon

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